Han Dynasty


per.2 Essay

“Why was the Han Dynasty known as the golden age of Chinese civilization?”

The Han Dynasty was known as the golden age of Chinese civilization for many reasons. The Han Dynasty had many achievements such as advances in technology, medicine, and the arts.

The Han Dynasty advancement in technology changed the lives of many people then and also life today would be extremely different; without the inventions that the Han Dynasty designed. The man who invented paper was Cai Lun, an official of the Han court. Also the Chinese pioneered highly developed methods of shipbuilding and invented the rudder. Other inventions are bronze and iron stirrups, fishing reels, wheelbarrows, suspension bridges, and chain pumps.

The Han Dynasty also achieved many things in medicine and art. Such as, they diagnosed diseases, they tired to use herbal remedies and other drugs to try and cure people. The Han Dynasty also used needles to try and heal certain parts of the body, this was called acupuncture.

Another achievement that the Han Dynasty had was that they were a good respected dynasty. The Han Dynasty unlike the other Dynasty’s were kind and nice to their people. They also listened to what the people wanted. They were Confucius.

The reasons why the Han Dynasty was known as the golden age of Chinese civilization is because of all there advanced inventions. Such as, the rudder, paper, herbal remedies, and other drug that helped people. Their inventions were not the only things that made them a great dynasty, they also listened a valued their peoples opinions.