Greek Post Persian war

Delian league- formed to liberate ionia from Persia

Persian war ended Athens head delian league

Athens tries to get money and take power from other polis’

Polis’ try to leave Athens makes non voluntary

Percilies dominates and strengthens military.

Sparta/Athens situation intensifies

Sparta attacks Athens, almost destrrying navy

Athens surrenders , Sparta is imperialistic

Athens attacks back, greeks week and overrunned by Macedonia.

Philip Ii is king, doubles phalanx invades Greece

Federal league formed, Philip wants Persia, then assinated.

Aristoletoe tutored Alexander TG his son,

Alex starts to invade Persia, defeats darius III army ,

Darius murdered, Alex dies of fever

Empire falls, all were influenced by Greece, ‘Helenistic age’

7th wonder of world- library of Alexandria

His empire becomes in the hands of rome

Rome is on tiber river incenter of italy

Latins settled around latium on palatine hill

Greeks migrate in around 750 bc w/ wine grapes olives

Etuseans take over rome bringing monarchy with concil of elders

2 social classes patricians – upper and plebians- lower

Rebulice created with executives known as counsouls

Land owners served in military PLebians started own assembly

Tribune was voice of common man

Military style called legion made of 4000 men

Conquered Persian form latin league

Guals come in and take over, then bribe gauls to leave

Latifundia patricians bought plebians farms when they went broke

1/3 of pop was salves – new group called proletariat

Gracchi brothers (tiberias, gains) thought farmer was rome back bone

Germanic tribes attack, eventrualy pompey, crassus and Caesar take power

Make the 1st triumurate, pompey marries caesars daughter

Ceasar gains power and has kid with Cleopatra then is dictator for 10 years

Removes pompeys followers then made dictator for life, then assisnated

Octavian aka agustus

His succesors:

Tiberius who put jesus to death

Bad times come econic problems in rome

Diocletian is emperor now

Adress inflations, persecutes Christians, divied empire

East best west rejoins empire

Justininan outs down revolt codes “Justininan code 500 laws”

Corpus julis civilis

Monophystim – deny human form of jesus

Fall of roman empire 476****

Rome top middle, Carthage top of Africa, Sicily iland below italy, Macedona above Greece, black sea far right, Millian is UPPER italy