Grandma Charlotte
Essay # 2


The unexpected death of my beloved grandma Charlotte taught me a great deal about life. Through her, I have learned many useful lessons of life. When I think of my grandma, I remember the many childhood memories that I obtained over the years with her, the lessons that she taught me, and her never dying love for her family.

I have many precious childhood memories of my Grandma Charlotte. I remember, as a young girl, going to her cozy, blissful house on Victor Street. As I walked through the front door I would be greeted by her set of feisty, plump, Weenie dogs. Iíll never forget the way her house always smelled, it was always filled with the aroma of her favorite perfume; Tabu. My two cousins and I spent many hot summer days swimming in her big doughboy pool. The happy meals that she always got us always hit the spot after a fun day of playing in the pool. I am very grateful for all of the memories of her and will cherish them forever.

My Grandma Charlotte, through her life and death has taught me some valuable lessons. She had always told me that, through the love of god, anything was possible. My grandma believed in me no matter what, she loved telling me how smart I was. She taught me to never give up on my goals in life. Her unexpected death caught me off guard, nobody saw it coming, and she was only fifty-six. Through her death I learned that life is unpredictable and spontaneous. It made me realize that I need to live my life to the fullest because Iíll never know when my time will come.

My Grandma had an undying love for her family. She was truly happy in the presence of her family. My grandma was always, especially concerned for the well being and happiness of her grandchildren. She loved to organize family get-togethers and holiday celebrations. I remember the way she would always make her way around the crowd of family-members, making sure to socialize with each person. With my grandma, nobody was ever left out. She had very outgoing spirit that brought people near her.

My Grandma Charlotte lived a happy, loving life that was sadly cut short. I will never know why she had to go so soon, only god can answer that question. Iíll never be able to get her back. All I can do is cherish the precious memories of her, use the valuable lessons that sheís taught me, and admire the love that she had for her family. She will forever be in my heart and thoughts.