Graffiti: Is it art or a crime??

Grupa a – 6

Graffiti can be viewed several different ways. Some view it as art and a way to express personal feelings. Others see it as a crime that only causes problems in society. The latter is also the conclusion that I have come to after much research on the subject.
I cannot agree with the argument that graffiti is a legitimate form of expression. I agree that it may be art because almost anything can be considered art. However, it is not respectful of others and defaces property. The difference between graffiti and acceptable art is permission obtained by the artist. When people draw graffiti on the property of others it becomes a violation of property rights. It lowers property value and is very expensive to clean up. Do you want your tax dollars being spent to clean up personal expressions of others on city buildings and walls? Would you want someone expressing their feelings on your very own private property? I believe that our right to freedom of speech should be protected, however it should not be an absolute guarantee at the expense of other citizen\'s rights.
The fact that gangs use graffiti to "express themselves" is another reason why I do not agree that graffiti should be an accepted art form. Graffiti written by gangs is often used to intimidate others, recruit new members, advertise sale of drugs, and mark gang boundaries. When we try to justify graffiti we are only encouraging further criminal gang related activity.
I am a true art lover. This is why I have to disagree when graffiti advocates argue that graffiti should be considered beautiful art that should be accepted. The buildings and other structures that graffiti artists write on are also art and were not meant by the designer to have personal expressions painted all over them. If graffiti artists would like to display their works then they should display them in museums or on legal graffiti walls. These have been set up by the government to try to deter rampant and illegal graffiti throughout our cities. If the public would like to see their art then they will go see it in places where it will not be destructive to others. Much of the graffiti today is vulgar and offensive which is not appropriate for children to view. However, it is difficult not to be exposed to it when it is available all over cities.
When the expression of others begins to violate rights it should no longer be tolerated. Graffiti can be beautiful if it is painted in the right places, such as museums or legal walls. However, when it is destructively painted on public and private property it is wrong. It should not be accepted be the public or tolerated by authority.