When people decide to achieve a goal, they are thinking about , what they want in their future, no about the process or labor to achieve the goal.

For example, a 100 meters runner trains hard all the year, eats a strict diet and uses almost all its time for training and training is not fun, is hard, exhausting and I don’t think they like to everyday ask their bodies to "give more and more". The purpose of this hard training is 9 seconds in the running track. If they loose or not achieve their goals, all the process and labor made will be for nothing, in vane. If they win or achieve there goal, the satisfaction is so great that all the suffered time will be nothing compared to the happiness achieved.

I think human usually choose the short cut, easy path to complete their goal. The easy path or the short cut is usually enjoyable or less tough than the correct path. The ones who choose the short cut believe in the present happiness, which I think is a short happiness and sometimes is not as efficient as the correct path. The correct path , which is usually hard, tough and not enjoyable will always bring us efficiency and complete our goals and consequently bring us an eternal satisfying feeling.

To conclude , I disagree with the statement because I think and I am the ones who choose the hard and tough path so I believe in the eternal happiness that the completed achievement leave us, and they brings us more satisfaction if the labor was tougher and more difficult to overthrew or reach.