Global Poverty
            Let's start by defining what poverty is, the definition found in the business dictionary online   says that is the condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. According to the World Bank household surveys, billions of people are living in "extreme" poverty ($1/day) and nearly three billion are in "simply poverty" ($2/day). In this essay I will focus on what are the causes and consequences of poverty in the world, especially in third world and underdeveloped countries.
Poverty extends in the majority of underdeveloped countries, hence the name. This denies them the ability to advance, to develop and keeps them living a low lifestyle, because poverty prevents them from improving. So, it is as simple as if you don't have money you can't have a decent standard of living, or feed or access to medicine; so a long and healthy life falls considerably; as neither will the money needed to have a basic education or attend school. The lack of education and access to medicine just makes the circumstances of poverty worse; therefore it is almost impossible for poor people in third world and underdeveloped countries to have a chance of a better future or a long life.
To this point we have realized that poverty is one of today's most serious problems that the world is dealing with, and that more than three quarters of the planet is in this situation. Poverty also triggers negative global consequences, and it does not only affect at an individual or personal level not even at a political level of the country, it is something that concerns everyone, especially because we want to do something about it and look for a solution.
The biggest consequences of poverty are the lack of resources, the resources are not based in the lack of transportation or malls, which are resources that in developed countries like ours are seem like normal, these in poor countries don't even exist. Over in those countries resources are understood as the need for access to healthcare, medicine and education. Things that here might seem like indispensable or obvious, there are things that don't usually happened and only a really low percentage of the population might have access to it if any at all.
Another awful consequence is the lack of food and water; this triggers malnutrition and even the development of illness that can't be treated later because they don't have medicines or hospitals. All of these just contributes to this countries not being able to develop properly, many people can't survive to this circumstances making the life expectancy in this countries fall short, and those who are able to survive can't strive for a better future because they don't have the educative means to do so.
I think the world needs to put an end to this; it is unrealistic to think that   the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the 41 Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (567 million people) is less than the wealth of the world's 7 richest people combined.   [ ] but sadly this is true.
So, why rich people keep getting richer and the poor just remain the same or even worse. The world needs to take action and just stop pretending this issue is going to solve itself, powerful and rich countries have the moral duty to help this countries develop, because most of this countries are the ones that all these rich companies are exploiting, their soil, their mines, their people! I say repay them or help them by giving them the necessary education they need in order to progress, a person without education doesn't have a choice but to live the life they were born into. If they have education, the can be involve with the decisions, be part of a government, have a voice and a vote. Help them build hospital where they can be seen and treated.
There are many issues in world, global warming, pollution, terrorism, poverty etc. I know we can fix them all today, but if the world gets together and each one of us contributes to make of this a better world, a greener and