Gleick on Gray

Answer question 3 page 77 in WTW in 1 1/2-2 pages: React to Elizabeth Glieck\'s critcism of John Gray.

Personally, I do not value the ideas or statements that have been presented to me in the WTW textbook. I believe that the information displayed in these selections is common sense, and therefore their documentation is was necessary; however, what I consider common sense may differ from that of others in the general population. In regard to Elizabeth Gleick\'s critcism of John Gray and his MAFM/WAFV empire, I do not see her comments as essential or necessary: they are obsevations that any individual can make for him/herself. Also, I wonder why Gleick found it necessary to write this article while there is an infinte number of other topics to discuss. But if this article does help one individual to see the obvious ideas on which Grey\'s solutions to miscommunication are based, then I would have to congratulate Elizabeth Gleick on saving someone a few bucks by sidestepping the selection of John Gray merchandise at the local Barnes & Noble. After reading this critique I find that I agree with Elizabeth Gleick\'s impressions of John Gray and his possible monitary motivations for writing his series of Mars and Venus books; however, I do not harbor the same level of contempt for Gray as Gleick does. After witnessing Gray\'s staggering merchandise sales, I wonder if possibly there is a large percent of the population that truely finds his ideas helpful in their personal relationships. I also wonder how many individuals purchase Gray\'s merchandise and find its content useless. Either way the bottom line is that Gray is peddling a very profitable product. I can say that I dislike Gray\'s easy answers to relationship related problems, but I can also say that I respect Gray for his savvy business skills and his ability to tap into the wants of millions of reades world wide. While reading Gleick\'s article I could not help but think she underestimates the intelligence of the American consumer. Gleick tells the reader that Gray has amouted a fortune from his mechandise sales (74), but is it not obvious that Gray has made a great deal of money from his merchandise? I also find that Gleick is overly critical of Gray. I do not know if Gleick thinks she is helping consumers save their time and money by avoiding Gray\'s works, or if she has some other agenda that remains unknown. In this day and age I can not see why the commercialism of Gray\'s works are so repusive to Gleick. I really do not understand Gleick\'s preoccupation with John Gray\'s ability to pinpoint what the public wants and will purchase. There are so very many things being commercialized and Gleick needs to understand that the public, to a degree, can deferintite between what has substance and what does not. In the end I\'m sure that Gray\'s works have helped many couples deal with certain problems in their relationships, while leaving others with nothing but over simplified catch phrases. When all is said and done John Gray has amasded a fortune from his Mars/Venus series, and no matter what is said about his credentials, products, and mortivations Gray\'s success can not be denied.