Almighty, tyrant, important, powerful-- all these words describe the gods from mythological tales. While some gods are caring and treat humans with respect, there are those other gods who know they have power over the weak humans.

Giglamesh is one of the cruel gods who believes his feelings override the weak humans. A tyrant to his people, he demanded that they rebuild Uruk’s walls. Then, without explanation, he let the walls go unattended and decay.

He also had the “privilege”, as he called it, of sleeping with the women before their husbands were permitted. He would also go to the Family House to sleep with the virgins.

This story also tells how the city of Shurrupak was destroyed because the gods felt it was very old. They created a flood that destroyed the city for seven days, killing many innocent people.

Enkidu was one god though that was good-hearted. He had once been an animal, so he was somewhat naive and innocent. He believed in treating humans fairly. Once, when Giglamesh was about

to sleep with a girl soon to be wed, Enkidu stopped him, believe it was unmoral and wrong.

With such gods as Giglamesh, humans had very little rights. They were mere slaves in most cases, and the gods looked upon them as mere scum. Working strenuously for hours upon end, they were forced to work to near death.

Enkidu did help Giglamesh see his wrong doings and helped him to correct his cruel actions towards humans. But Giglamesh will never know the innocence and kindness that Enkidu knew, for he was cruel so long, and one cannot forget old ways.