George Bush, Our Leader

English 110.006

February 5th, 2004

President Bush led our country through one of its weakest and most vulnerable moments. After the airplane disasters of September 11, President Bush encouraged the U.S. to come together and demonstrate our patriotism to show the terrorists they had not discouraged our powerful union. During this vital time in our country’s history we needed a leader with strength and courage; President Bush rose to the occasion to give us hope. George Bush has proven that he can nurse our country back to health and kill the virus that is terrorism. George Bush has shown he has what it takes to be the President of our country and the voters in this year’s election will see why he must be re-elected. He has an excellent security plan, created a strong healthcare package, and stimulated a struggling economy. Mr. Bush needs to win the election in November so he can continue leading our country into prosperity.

President Bush has made it the highest priority to protect our nation from terrorist attacks since September 11th. President Bush vowed on September 20th, 2001 that this country would “direct every resource at our command -- every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence, and every necessary weapon of war -- to the disruption and to the defeat of the global terror network.” Since his promise, we have instated laws, as well as produced new jobs to fight the ongoing threat of terrorism. The Office of Homeland Security has been a tremendously effective tool for keeping our country safe from attacks by these radical terrorist. The President also launched the extremely successful war in Afghanistan to wipeout terrorists where they live and train. These attacks utilized the most technologically advanced weapons to destroy an enemy that stops at nothing, including death, to destroy our beloved culture. We need to defend this culture from the terrorists so that future generations can enjoy the society that we have today. The current president can shield this nation; he has done it for the last two years and should have four more.

Without the security that Mr. Bush has established, our country may have been attacked many more times by terrorist groups. The President has made precautions to protect us from groups like Al Qaeda, so we can live in peace. Our safety measures have already stopped events like the Anthrax attacks and prevented the “shoelace bomber” from disrupting our way of life. Included in these precautions is the War on Iraq. The government in Iraq was a threat to all life on this planet. With enormous sums of cash and knowledge of some of the most dangerous weapons ever created, Saddam Hussein and his regime were a huge liability. Our President was not willing to wait for Saddam to fund more Al Qaeda attacks or create his own assault on our nation. One attack was more than enough to persuade this country to act, before it was too late. President Bush made the difficult decision to battle this administration; his decision has protected us all from the evil of the world. The precautions President Bush has made seem to be working; we have not been attacked on our homeland or abroad from the terrorists since that unforgettable day.

Security is not the only reason President Bush should be re-elected. His modernization of Medicare also adds weight to his side of the scale. The government’s healthcare programs needed a repair when Mr. Bush entered office. Now, anyone who faces illness can be excited about the new benefits that the President has implemented healthcare. Medicare now covers preventative physicals which will catch many health problems before they become more complicated and more expensive. Seniors now have a choice for prescription drug coverage, one choice is receiving a card that offers ten to twenty-five percent off prescription drugs by using the buying power of all America’s seniors. If President Bush can further push congress to modernize Medicare, dental and optometry coverage will be included in the healthcare package. The goal of the Bush healthcare program is to give seniors the same healthcare fees that members of Congress and other federal employees enjoy. George Bush was able to bring