Genetic, Genital and Brain Sex
First of all, I would like to explain the concept from the very beginning of the conception. At conception, the womb’s genetic is either composed of chromosomes XY or XX. This genetic is determined at birth and is permanent, irreversible. In fact, it is the Y chromosome that determines the genetic sex of the womb. Now, let’s explain the first part of that complex pattern. If the genetic sex of a womb is XY, then he could develop two different types of genitals. If testosterone is present during mother’s pregnancy (which is the normal development), then the womb will develop male genitals ; if testosterone is absent (the first abnormal development), then the womb will develop female genitals. Also, the womb developing female genitals will also develop a female brain since there is no testosterone to influence the development of its brain. But, what I want to discuss is the second abnormal path determined by the level (high-moderate-low) of testosterone during pregnancy. If this level is high, then the womb will develop normally and will have a male brain with male behaviours. On the other hand, if the level of testosterone is low, that womb, actually having male genetic and genitals, will develop the brain of a female with female behaviours, the second type of abnormality. Therefore, this whole concept clearly explain the fact that some male homosexuals could have a female brain trapped in a male body.

Second, if at the conception, there was no Y chromosome, that means that the genetic sex of that womb is female and is composed of XX chromosomes. As I explained, the Y chromosome determines the genital sex of a womb. In that case the Y chromosome, the material to develop male genitals, is absent so the genital sex of the womb is female. By the way, the presence or absence of testosterone has no importance for the development of genital sex for that womb since it is predetermined genetically. So, the genetic and genital sex being determined, the brain-sex is now determined by the level of testosterone during mother’s pregnancy. If testosterone is absent or at a minimum level, chances are that the womb will develop normally, a female brain. But, the abnormal development that could happen is that the level of testosterone is moderate or even high. That would result of an abnormal development consisting of a male brain trapped in a female body. So, that individual could have male behaviours in a female body. An example of that could be those Miss. Muscle on T.V. having more muscles than Terminator and more beard than Santa Claus. But, that individual is not necessary an homosexual female. In fact, it could be but it is not the only reason it. That process is more confused and not proved.

What I want to discuss now is that the level of testosterone during mother’s pregnancy can differ from person to person depending of the situation. As Melissa Hines’ work explained it, ‘for some reason’ women have different level of testosterone during pregnancy. Some reasons could be drugs consumption, injections received, medications taken or even tumours. In our days, people developed normally (male having a male body and a male brain or female having a female body and acting like a female) during conception are generally more accepted than those who developed improperly. In the case of the female brain inside a female body but having a male genetic (due to the absence of testosterone), those individuals can live normally since they look and act as a females. But, in the case of the female brain inside a male body, most of the time homosexuals, people tend to reject them because of their sexual orientation or interests. Finally, in the case of a male brain inside female body, known as ‘Tomboy’(Talbot 2003), people in general accept them and don’t judge them. They mostly have a proper place in our society. The development of female homosexuals is more confused but in our society they are not well accepted too.

Hans Dörner also helped the issue of conception with some of his researches. He firstly did an experiment on rats. What he did is that he enclosed pregnant rats in a little box during a