Generation Gap
Time and Tide waits for none. And in todayís scenario, world is keeping apace with time. If we compare the erstwhile India at the time of Independence to that at the outset of 21st century, we find considerable development in all fields, which is not confined to materialistic world only. It has affected the thinking of our people. There are daily life incidents in a family where children argue with their parents and they are restrained from doing many activities that they are fond of owing to the difference in their thinking created because of generation gap. As a result, a general perception that has cropped up in their mind is that their parents are alien to them.

But immature children donít understand the reason behind the decision taken by their experienced parents. They always whine, grudge and complain on everything. They should understand that their parents are not their foes. Instead of arguing and complaining, they should understand that if they have worries about their studies, there parents have worries about everything starting from sustaining their family to rubbing their shoulders with outside world. Parents might have sacrificed many of their dreams for the betterment of their children.

If children think after putting themselves in their parents shoes, they will start understanding everything. They would develop a new respect for them. It would help in better coordination as well as bridging the generation gap.