Views of Gangs

BY:Jens Shriver

Since the start of the 90\'s violent gangs have been
increasing. Most gangs are made out of troublesome teens
but there are also plenty of adults in gangs. Alot of the
problem is that these teens have access to illegal firearms.
Some gang members were interviewed.One said he felt
kind of guilty because he accidentally killed someone in a
drive-by. Most people look on gangs as the bad side of the
community. Another gang member stated that he and his
friends joined a gang for the protection. There are many
types of gangs Bloods , Crypts , United Bamboo and the
KKK to say a few. Each usually comes with there own
symbol , color , dress style or hand signal. Then there are
branches of the gangs. It usually depends on were you live
to what gang is in your area.
Also many gangs are associated with drugs from smoking
cigarettes to sniffing cocaine. There are many gangs who
buy, sell and even make drugs.
In many gangs to join you have to be jumped in meaning
about 30 guys from the gang come and beat the crap out of
you.Or they give you some kind of test like to kill some
rival gang member or rob a bank. Many of the guns gang
buy come from the streets you can usually buy a gun from
the back of a truck for bout 50$.Even old gangs are starting
to be reorganized. Also with each type of gang comes with
slang from the gang members countries such as "ehh vato u
messin wid me esse dont u know im loco" .Alot of gang
members are rich from selling drugs and things like that so
u always see a big gangster driven a real nice car. They also
have female gangs and they are just as viscious as the guy
gangs they do the exact same things. They have anarchist
gangs who blow stuff up and destroy thing they have punk
rocker gangs who are very weird. There are good gangs like
just friends just chill together, and stuff.
There are many types of gangs but the dangerous ones are
very bad because they are retaking the life of innocent
kinds and fathers from the families and ripping families
apart and causing disturbances.

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