April 17, 2004

World Civ

Second Essay

The relationship between Britain and Indian is a back and forth issue. It appears as though India hates the British for being there. It also appears they don’t mind the British Empire at all. The only problem that arises in their relationship is the threatening of peace in India.

Gandhi calls for complete independence from British rule in India. There is a major qualm between the British Empire and Japan. America is allied with the British Empire and sends troops into India for aid. Gandhi does not like the foreign troops coming into India. Gandhi sees no Indian freedom with all this preparation to defend India. He believes Japan is after the British Empire and not the Indian people. India should be left alone and not brought into this fight.

Ghandi believes the presence of British rule in India, is an incentive for the Japanse to attack. The Japanese would only withdraw if the British let India manage its own affairs. “If the British wisely decided to withdraw and leave India to manage her own affairs in the best way she could, the Japanese would be bound to reconsider their plans. The very novelty of the British stroke will confound the Japanese....” British withdrawal removes the bait. Gandhi also believes that even if it does not change Japanese opinion to attack, India will be better able to cope with an invasion on its own.

“I ask every Briton to support me in my appeal to the British at this very hour to retire from every Asiatic and African possession, and, at least, from India. That step is essential for the safety of the world and for the destruction of Nazism and Fascism. In this I include Japan’s ‘ism’ also.” Gandhi also asks Britain to withdraw from other nations as well as India.

The people of India definitely do not hate the British. There is much confusion as to why Gandhi wants the British out of India. Gandhi had many English friends in India. Him and Andrews friendship was enough to tie him to the English people. They both came to an agreement that British rule in India must end. “India has no quarrel with the British people. I have hundreds of British friends. Andrews’ friendship was enough to tie me to the British people. But both he and I were fixed in our determination that British rule in India, in any shape or form, must end.” There is some confusion as to who to leave India’s rule to. Gandhi believes it should be left to God to control, and if not God then anarchy.

“It is like asking loved ones to part, but it has become a paramount duty.” This statement shows how much India has love for the British. The splitting of the two will ultimately bring the most peace.

Gandhi ultimately loves the British Empire and the British people. India and Britain have nothing but a great relationship.