Future Timeline

The following is a literal (probably too literal) translation of the timeline compiled by the
staff of Shindosha, and published in Data Collections 2 through 6. Events subsequent to
the end of Gundam ZZ are from Shindosha\'s earlier timelines in the Entertainment Bible
series. Additionally, we\'ve inserted a few events pertaining to Gundam F91 and
Gundam Sentinel, listed in the Entertainment Bible timelines but not in the Data
Collections published to date.

UC 0001
With Earth\'s population at 9 billion, an ambitious space colonization
program begins. The calendar is changed to the Universal Century

UC 0010
The Jupiter Energy Fleet is reorganized as the Jupiter Development
Enterprise Group.
UC 0016
The Earth Federation government establishes the Frontier
Settlement Transport Bureau.
UC 0027
Von Braun City, the first permanent lunar settlement, is completed.
UC 0030
The Federation government privatizes the Frontier Settlement
Transport Bureau, which becomes the Space Transport Enterprise
UC 0034
The Federation government again reorganizes the Space Transport
Enterprise Group, forming the Public Corporation of Space
Transport (PCST), an independent non-governmental organization.
UC 0035
Construction of Side 3 begins.
UC 0040
40% of the total population (about 5 billion people) have migrated
to space.
UC 0045
The asteroid Juno (later known as Luna Two) is placed in lunar

The Minovsky Physics Society is founded at Side 3.
UC 0047
Development of the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor begins.
UC 0050
The total population reaches 11 billion, of whom 9 billion have
migrated to space.
UC 0051
The Federation government halts development of new colonies.
UC 0052
Zeon Zum Daikun moves to Side 3 and begins to propagate his
philosophy of Contolism.
UC 0055
The Buffo Conzern is established.
UC 0058
Side 3 declares its independence, and the Zeon Republic is
founded. A national guard is formed.
UC 0059
The Federation government applies economic pressure against Side
UC 0060
The Federal Forces launch the \'60s Armament Reinforcement Plan,
concentrating on their space forces. Luna Two is converted into a
military base.
UC 0062
The Zeon national guard is elevated to the status of a full-fledged
UC 0064
The Federal Forces hold a naval review. The new spaceships
developed as part of the Armament Reinforcement Plan take center
UC 0065
The Minovsky Physics Society observes a unique electromagnetic
wave effect within the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor.
UC 0067
The Federation government rejects a motion for colonial autonomy.
UC 0068
Zeon Zum Daikun dies. Degin Sodo Zabi succeeds him as leader.

The Buffo Conzern purchases the name of Europe\'s Ronah family.
UC 0069.08.15
The Duchy of Zeon is established, with Degin Sodo Zabi as Duke.
Zeon Zum Daikun\'s followers are purged.

UC 0069.10
The Duchy military commissions the first Papua-class transport

UC 0070.03
The Duchy military successfully experiments with the Minovsky
UC 0070.05
The Duchy military completes the mega particle gun.
UC 0070.06
The Duchy military commissions the first Chibe-class heavy cruiser.
UC 0070.10
The Federal Forces\' \'70s Armament Reinforcement Plan produces
the Salamis-class cruiser and Magellan-class battleship.
UC 0070.12
Luna Two is moved to a position in Earth orbit opposite that of the
moon in order to help construct Side 7.
UC 0071
The Duchy military begins development of new weapons for use
under Minovsky particle conditions. The compact fusion reactor is

Giren Zabi proclaims his "Master Race Theory".
UC 0072
The Duchy of Zeon begins construction of the asteroid base Axis,
in the asteroid belt.

Scandal in which a Zeon scientist flees.
UC 0073
The Duchy military completes the first of a new type of weapon. It
is dubbed the mobile suit (MS).
UC 0074.02
The Duchy military rolls out the prototype MS-05, equipped with a
Minovsky fusion reactor.
UC 0074.04
The Duchy military commissions the first of an improved series of
Papua-class transport ship.
UC 0075.05
The Duchy military rolls out a combat-ready version of the MS-05
UC 0075.07
The Duchy military commissions the first Musai-class light cruiser
and decides to mass-produce the MS-05.
UC 0075.11
The Duchy military forms a mobile suit training battalion.
UC 0076.03
The Duchy military commissions the first Gwazin-class battleship.
UC 0076.04
The Duchy military expands its mobile suit production facilities.
UC 0076.05
Amid total secrecy, the Duchy military\'s training battalion begins
practicing combat manuevers.