FUNNY OR [email protected]$

announcer-the following events may have happened or not it may also be funny or not following characters may have existed or may have not for example joe a white guy who acts black

joe-hey whats up home boys

bob a guy who is cheating on his girlfirend with a girl named destinay who is secretly a man but who is using bob to get back at his basketball coach who wont let him play so he acts like a woman to join the female\'s basketball team


Ann who is a woman

Ann-in a really low voice-hi

Jill who has 2 daddies at home

Jill-out comes a girl dressed like a man-hi my name is Jill

And lets not forget Steve the complete moron Steve

Steve-comes out looking like he got dresses ion the dark-where is everyone?

The announcer leaves and you see everyone start talking to each other

Bob-hey you guys whatís up??

Joe-nothing g-dog how are you and your crib doing?

Joe is reading Ebonics for dummies but the book is upside down

Apparently this isnít funny lets follow the life of Steve who is in the speech team so lets see what his Saturday is like.... people talking to walls all over I though he was in the speech team it looks like he is in the crazy house

Steve-hey Mr. coach sir

Just like Steve to leave his manners at home

steve-i came up with a funny oc

lets jump ahead because steve is a moron and he could never be funny even if he tried

Coach-that was.......awful

There is the reaction we were hoping for

Coach-why dont you try an event where you dont write your own material

exactly as i though

jill is on the same team lets see how she is

jill-so you want me to steal this material

coach-yes it\'s exactly for someone in your position

jill-whats it about?

coach-it\'s about drag queens doing naughty things like looking at women

jill-why is this for me?

coach-it\'s ok i know about your 2 daddys

jill-no i dont why does everyone keep saying that

joe in the meanwhile gets beaten up by the kkk

they think he is black

joe-please let me go i\'m not black

kkk-hey you called us crackers

joe-if you leave me alone i\'ll tell you were bob lives he is really black

what did this 10 min comedy teach us?

nothing absolutly nothing this wasnt funny at all

you never heard this at all you probly wont even remeber this

this was a waste of your time......line.......line ok

bye.....line.....see you next year at 24:00 am