Friedrich Nietzsche

In the last class we studied the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche brings forth the idea of master and slave morality. He believes that in order for society to be healthy and successful that this idea has to be practiced. He mentions that the superior people in society must exhort their power over the inferior people by using their “will of power”. In his eyes the will of power is a metaphor for the “will of life”. Will of life being the will to grow, accumulate, and do what you please because you owe nothing to anyone. I believe that he is trying to say that superior people are able to rule over the weak, cowardly, and insignificant because no one is there to question their rule or judgment. He calls this master morality. Slave morality is the weakened, distrustful, and cowardly people who allow the superior people control them. Under slave morality the people cower to the evil man because he can arouse fear in them. Slave morality is the roots of the battle of “good and evil” that is fought everyday. Nietzsche feels that those who let themselves succumb to the slave morality are stupid because they are easily deceived because they know no better and they let the what they assume to be a “good” man rule over them thinking he is looking out for their best intentions but instead he is really evil because he is only out for himself.