Freedom of speechEveryone in this society, in this country, and in our world has his or her rights. We all have a say or opinion about the world we live in today. Being able to express views and thoughts is probably the most important thing a human being can do. And we also have the right to be educated and know about the world we live in. There should never be anything to hide. As people we should all be able to handle life and its experiences. Everything around us is for the benefit to learn and also comment about.
To have a say or speak truth about something should be perfectly fine. It is always acceptable, but there must good reason behind it. If there are issues that need to be dealt with in our society, it should be no ones problems to hear it. If someone has a problem with the way something is, they should speak out and form some good reasons behind it. And if it is just a simple opinion, make your self heard to others.

All the covering up in our society has made our world an unpredictable place to live. With freedom of speech people will be heard and everyone can be educated. This is our surroundings and we have the right to know about it and control it. There should never be anything to hide. When something hidden is revealed, there will be an even bigger issue about it.

Our leaders, presidents, and prime minister think they have the right to know about everything. They also think that we should say only what they allow us to say. This is absolutely wrong and anyone could

figure that out for them selves. By having our own opinions and sayings, it would definitely make the whole world better. Think about it, everything could be run based on majority opinions of the public. Not just some people in the government.

Censorship in opinions and views is something that should never be implied. It is this that makes everyone an individual, and censoring ideas is only robbing our identity. If we don’t like the way something works, and if it is affecting you or others, then of course we should have the right to comment about it. Governments should hear the problems rather than censor it.