The creation of life is a sin. If the creator of life does not take responsibility for the teaching of human emotions and behavior, the creation of that life is a sin. In Frankenstein, the creator of the monster\'s existence was Frankenstein and therefore he is the greater sinner. The monster did not ask to be created, he was brought into the world and abandoned by his creator. He was deserted only to lead a life of misery and destruction.

When people decide to have children they are taking on a huge responsibility. They are bringing a new person into the world and they assume the role of a parent, whose job it is to raise that child and teach him or her the ways of human behavior and emotions. The parent\'s role is to teach the child morals of life, civility, kindness, compassion, and all of the things that conform to peaceful human behavior. Frankenstein should have taken these same considerations into account when he was creating his monster. Frankenstein\'s biggest mistake was his immediate abandonment of his creation, which eventually lead to the deaths of William, Justine, Henry, Elizabeth and eventually Frankenstein himself. Once beginning the creation of life Frankenstein most likely thought about the consequences of his creation if he did not teach it how to behave in society, but he was so caught up in his work, he became obsessed with the idea of creating life and could not stop. He became so overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts of what his project would turn into. "No one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards, like a hurricane, in the first enthusiasm of success." (p.38). Frankenstein was excited at the idea of becoming a creator and a father and thought it to be the most fulfilling experience. "A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me. No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as I should deserve theirs." (p.39). Unfortunately the monster that Frankenstein created was quite different than the image of the beautiful creature of which he had dreamed for two years. Once finished, he deserted the innocent wretch of a monster, which he had so miserably given life, to explored the vast world into which he was created.
Abandoned and scared, the monster traveled aimlessly. As a result of his lack of care and teachings of peaceful human behavior, the monster committed the murder of Frankenstein\'s loved ones. He did not know that what he had done was so wrong, and how could he, he was not taught that it is wrong. The monster did not ask to be brought into the world. He was created out of desperation and obsession, and then abandoned like a baby at birth. Left alone in a world, without any morals to live by. Frankenstein\'s monster is not responsible for the deaths of his family and friends, and he was not responsible for his own upbringing. Therefore, Frankenstein was fully to blame for the inexcusable losses of the lives of the people whom he dearly loved.
The monster was the victim of an act of obsession and selfishness. He was created by Frankenstein and abandoned, left to adapt to society on his own. The monster was unaware that murder was wrong, Frankenstein never took the time to explain the importance of life to him. Frankenstein sinned when he lit the fire inside the creature that eventually killed him. The monster is in no part responsible for the deaths, Frankenstein created his own murderer, as well as the murderer of the people that he loved.