Food Guide Pyramid

Well After doing all this work I fully understand what the food guide pyramid is about. Well what I mean by that is that you need to eat healthy or you will suffer problems. You could get Anorexia, Bulimia, or you can get overweighed (Obesity). I also learned is that if you don’t eat healthy in adolescent you can end up being very bad in life because you wont have a good growth, or you wont be healthy when you grow up. Well the Food Guide Pyramid is a pyramid that organizes your food by groups. For example, you have to eat 6-11 serving of rice, or bread, or products containing carbohydrates. Also, you have to eat 3-5 servings of veggies, 2-4 servings fruits, 2-3 of the milk group, 2-3 of the meats, and eat not that much oils like chocolate, or anything that contains. The Food Guide Pyramid also helps you maintain a healthy eating by telling what do and how much for you can eat healthily. So after I finished understanding the food guide pyramid I went on to see another country pyramid. When I choose Russia I thought there food where going to be mainly on liquor. Well when I saw that theirs is just like ours. But the food they mainly are the vegetables group is what they focus on. Well when I was done with that I did a pyramid of my 24 hour recall and saw that I needed to do better way better. I need improvement on the milk group and on the fruits. When saw what percent I had it was 9% in fruits the rest was pretty good. Wow!!!!!! The way I am going to improve my eating habits is by just eating healthier and eating a lot of fruits and what the food guide tells me to eat. Now that I have understand and know what the Food Guide Pyramid means I will be ready for a more healthier life better image of my self.