Flowers and Algernon

The story, Flowers for Algernon, and the movie, Charly, are both about a 37 year old retarded man with learning disabilities. Charlie takes a night class for adults with disabilities with Miss Kinnian. Since Charlie is so determined and never gives up on himself, the doctors at the lab think that Charlie is perfect for an operation the will make him more intelligent. The doctors at the lad had already done this operation previously with a mouse named Algernon. Algernon, you could say, is foreshadowing the outcome of Charlie. After the surgery, Charlie becomes a little more intelligent each day. He also develops a stronger relationship with Miss Kinnian. Charlie even becomes smarter than the doctors at the lab. But when Algernon starts to become more uncooperative and doesn’t do the things he is told to do. He won’t eat or drink. Charlie realizes that this will probably happen to him too. He will become slower and dumber each day little by little just as he did before with his intelligence. Eventually Algernon dies and Charlie goes back to his old life, and a retarded disabled man.

The short story and the movie were not exactly the same. Their were a couple of different scenes in the movie and the book. One scene that was different was in the movie after Miss Kinnian calls Charlie a stupid idiot, he goes into a state if rebellion where he doesn’t care and he not learning anything.