Film Criteria/Standards

Film Comp/Lit

There are certain standards, draws, and stereotypes that attract and can sometimes ward movie goers. Perhaps it is just based on pure individuality in personality, or outside criticism from well respected figures. What causes this range of attraction?

The first Idea that comes to mind is the media. Even over personal feelings, I think that critics as well as peers or family; have a large effect on movies. There are often times where I will miss out, or just ignore a good movie completely because of the pre-meditative feel people will give off. One great example is the movie Napoleon Dynamite This particular film was shunned by some critics, and yet was adored by millions of audiences. It was by luck, and pure word of mouth that affected my will to see this movie (And I am very glad I did for that matter).

Then there is the personal layer. When seeing a trailer, or commercial for any film, my first take is the genre. I am a big Action/ Sci-Fi/ Horror Fan, so naturally a movie such as Resident Evil would have a far greater draw than Vanity Fair (In which I have no will or desire to see, no offence intended). What this factor is based on is unbeknownst to me, and as far as I know we are unable to explain what causes the small personal details such as this.

Next, there is the fan base some actors have, that is a draw in its self. This I will probably never understand, seeing as I do not have one favorite actor/actress that comes to mind. One example is my younger sibling Erica has a fascination with the actor Johnny Depp. No matter what the genre, rating or any prior knowledge of the movie whatsoever, His name brings shrieks and mad dashes to the theatres on opening day. Odd it may seem… (Or to myself at least) This is very true. Actors/Actresses can carry such a strong presence on an audience they are willing to pay money merely to see them perform, no matter what the role!

Next is my personal favorite: The storyline. Forget all the actors… the directors, cast, crew, and even the language. The best movies have created such an amazing story, it stays with you. You don’t just walk away from the theater half hearted; it stays with you even in your sleep. The best example by far of this is the Star Wars Trilogy (Ep. 4-6).

When I was a young boy, it was right at the time of the Star Wars comeback in the early 90’s (Re-mastered Versions). No story whether it be a book, or a movie, or a play affected me how it did when I first saw Ep 6 A New Hope. I wanted to be there. The film opened up a whole new world to me, and for the next few months I was running around the house “Using the Force” wherever I went.

There are many more levels and angles in which determines the movie attraction. Some are presented within this essay, but is at most not limited to. There is much I have to learn about film and maybe un-cover a few of the biases I hold, broadening my movie knowledge. Who knows what’s in store?