Federalism is a form of government in which a national government and smaller
subdivisions ofthis are in charge. In the United States, there is the central
government accompanied by the 50state governments. The national government deals
with issues that affect the entire nation.

Everything else is left up to the individual state governments. These
governments know their states well and can set up laws to better suit the people
within them. It is for this reason that Federalism works much better in a large
nation. In a large nation, there are bound to be diverse needs which can be met
by the state government. This subdivision of government also leaves the national
government to deal with much broader topics that involve the whole nation,
without having to concentrate on these individual needs.

The political system that Federalism is based on democracy. A democracy is a
government run by the people, in which either people themselves make the laws
and enforce them as a governmental body, called a direct democracy, or they
elect representatives to express the views of the people, known as a
representative democracy. There are two types of representative democracy,
presidential and parliamentary.

. The social system of Federalism under this democracy is summed up fairly
well by Carl Becker, a distinguished political historian. Becker said that the
basic beliefs surrounding a democracy are within the creativity and
individuality of the people. Because of this freedom of individuality, political
parties have come about, in which people with the same political views can join
togetherand support each other, two examples being the Republican and Democratic
parties in the US.

Aside from letting individuals speak out, democracies see all humans as
equals and government will only exist if these people agree that it is working
well. Although democracies have not been common in history, the ones that did
exist succeeded in governing their people well, such as the one in the United
States today. The economy that works best with Federalism is capitalism. This
economy began with the theoryof laissez faire, or a hands off economy. What this
means is that once the economy starts rolling, the government does not rule over
it. It is left alone to change and govern itself. This economy is based on
competition between the citizens of the nation, called free enterprise. People
want to earn as much money as they can, but in order to do this they need to
work hard to compete with everyone else who have the same motives. Prices
fluctuate based on supply and demand. The government does not set a specific
price for any goods or services. A perfect form of capitalism has never been
accomplished, but the modern day United States is very close.

Under Federalism, the military is not mandatory. People can join if they want
to, but do not have to, unless the country is at war and they are drafted. A
military seems to grow particularly well in a Federalist society. Currently, the
Federalist military of the United States is the largest in the world. Military
is also not idealized, meaning it is not the most important part of Federalism.
In the US, the president is also the head of the military, showing that
government comes before the army.

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