Fear is the Greatest Obstacle in One Person’s Life.

Fear is the greatest obstacle in life. Everything you think of connects to fear; hence it is the hardest and most important obstruction. Fear is important because it keeps us alive, but also the most difficult because we fear fear itself. This horrible and evil being, is not an “it,” it is not in the air, nor in the dark, it is in the conscience inside you. It is the same thing that makes you think happiness, and makes you feel safe and secure. This conscience is not good nor bad. It is just a swirling cloud of ideas and thoughts. What we think, it knows. What we do, it did. This is where fear is born.

Fears aren’t bad. In fact, we couldn’t live without it. Like in a math equation, you can’t skip any steps; in life you can’t skip any levels, like this one. Fear is something we have to live with, for if we had no fears, we would be brave enough to either murder or suicide, or even both. Those who have done these acts, have less fear than those of others. They broke through the barrier that held so many others back. In other words, fear stands in our way and stops us from both doing wrong, and achieving our goals. For instance, when I prepare for a simple math test I know I can ace, I always have that tingly feeling that inches me to relax and forget all that stresses me, such as the formulas and rules I had studied hours worth of. Then when I have forgotten, I stress and try to remember them, but stress, being on fear’s side, does not let me. Then I face fear, the fear of failing, and not being able to bring home good news. But then I realize, that it wasn’t because of TV or other distractions, it was because I had given in on fear’s trap. Fear had made me rest and relax and forget. Fear had made me forget because these things were the things that made me worry. Fear had brought stress and made him annoy me. Fear, something I cannot overcome, but also something I know I can deal with. Do not be ashamed to be afraid of something, instead think of what you are not afraid of.

There are good and bad sides of fear. Fear, in alliance with time and stress, helps us in a lot of ways. When we stress, such as for a project that’s due a few hours later, time is also brought into this equation. Time and fear are brothers; stress is just like a cousin to them. When you confront one, either time or fear, the other is bound to be near. But the worse these brothers can do, is make you lose hope. When they make you lose hope, you lose all confidence and self-control. Many times being in situations similar to this, I have experienced the pain and feel of this event. It is a little past two in the morning. You scramble to try and mold some Styrofoam and cardboard into a volcano, or at least something that looks like a volcano, that’s due in science class. Fear kicks in, you fear of losing this grade from an “A” to a one-legged “A”, an “F.” Fear is also that little voice inside your head that says, “You’re not going to finish…and even if you do, you’re going to fail science…” At first you listen and think in denial, but as fear’s brother, time, comes and drags on, you start to agree and eventually lose all hope of even trying. Losing confidence and control. You slouch down on the couch and doze off. Morning comes with disaster. Science, being the first period, you get yelled at. The usual lecture you hear your teacher say to others, you finally experience it. A few weeks later, back in the same position. You find this somewhat familiar. Except this time, time has given you a break. You know it’s due later today, so you try your hardest and focus. You finish about five hours later. You feel proud, but a little