Father Genzer

December 8, 2003

Probably the best food that I have eaten since I have been at Loyola was the day the FE100 class went to the lunch with the Jesuits. Our host, Father Genzer, made the day great. He brought a group of athletes that really had no idea what the Jesuits lifestyles were like and let us into their world.

We started out the day by eating from a buffet which was made by an Italian cook and then proceed to eat with Father Genzer. For most of the afternoon we talked about the Jesuit Community and what they stand for. The main goal that I got from what the Jesuits preach the most is education. Father Genzer listed over thirty schools that were Jesuit affiliated with.

I also learned that the Jesuit lead a very simple life. We walked around the Jesuit house and Father Genzer told us that everybody that lives in the house are treated the same. Meaning that no matter how much money each of the Jesuits make in a year, the entire house uses it.

It was really special that Father Genzer took the time out of his busy day to show us how the Jesuits live and what they are about. I feel a lot closer to Loyola College because I now know what my college stands for as before I really had no idea.