Family Values

I had a really hard time as I tried hard to think of a family to compare my own with. Everyone my family associates with has seemingly high values and standards. As I came to a decision I decided to compare my family with that of my boyfriends. I am around them almost more than I am my own family. They are such wonderful people but we do have our differences. As I dug down deep I realized that our families are exactly that, different. In the end we still have our standards and high values.

We both share the same religion which is always nice. We are able to talk about what was said in Sunday school and share experiences we have had with each other. We are able t o grow closer to them because of the fact we share the same religion. Often times if a family is of another faith there are conflicts and that is why it is nice to be able to share the same faith.

Every Monday night my family has Family Home Evening, a program that the church has set up to help families grow closer to each other through scripture study and lessons. First we sing a song and then we pray. After we pray, we talk about every member of the family’s upcoming events. After we have “family business” we go on to the lesson someone has prepared. When we are through with the lesson we sing a song and say a prayer to close.

On the other hand, the Miller family does not have Family Home Evening every Monday night. Instead they go out as a family and do something bonding. For example they might visit the town square as a family and afterwards go and get some ice cream. They might go to the movies together and see a wholesome movie. They might even go to dinner together and discuss what events are coming up in each family member’s life. Either way, we both have something family bonding every Monday night.

Each family is different and each family will always share different opinions about the same thing. Fact is there will always be similarities in each family’s life. The Millers chose to do something different for their Monday night but it still resembles that of how my family spends their Monday night. I would be just as glad to spend my Monday night with them as I would with my own family.