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Natalya Artjuh
3d year student
Matriculation card: Kole K 96215


I declare that this study is my own and does not contain any unacknowledged work from any source.


1. COPPERFIELDS (SENIOUR): Dicken’s pattern of 6
happy marriage.
2. DAVID&DORA’S MARRIAGE: the reasons of spiritual 8
separation in the family.
3. DAVID&AGNES’S MARRIAGE: Dicken’s ideal of 12
4. MR.MURDSTONE&CLARA: opposite to Dicken’s ideal 14
Of happy marriage.
5. MICAWBERS: the main components of 16
happy marriage.
6. MR.BARKIS&PEGGOTTY: the importance of women's wisdom 20


David Copperfield became my favorite of all Dickens' novels. Although the novel is rather long ( 736 pages) I have read it in one gulp for the actions that take place in the novel are developed so dynamically that the process of reading itself was like taking a piece of sweet cake. It evoked in me a lot of emotions and I really have been crying and laughing together with the heroes of this novel. The affect of the book on me was so great that I that was even thinking of it days and nights. That is the reason why I have chosen this book for my term paper in order to develop the theme “Family in Charles Dickens' novel ‘David Copperfield’ ”.
Charles Dickens is one of the most popular and ingenious writers of the XIX century. He is the author of many novels. Due to reach personal experience Dickens managed to create vivid images of all kinds of people: kind and cruel ones, of the oppressed and the oppressors. Deep, wise psychoanalysis, irony, perhaps some of the sentimentalism place the reader not only in the position of spectator but also of the participant of situations that happen to Dickens’ heroes. Dickens makes the reader to think, to laugh and to cry together with his heroes throughout his books.
“David Copperfield” was Dickens' favorite creation. The novel reflects writer’s own life – his autobiography. The image and character of David Copperfield corresponds to the image and character of Dickens himself. The range of personages of the novel recalls to us people which were close to Dickens: Micowber is comical portrait of John Dickens, the father of the author; the image of Dora – is the exact copy of the Marry Bindel – the first sweet-heart of the writer; David’s seeking in marriage repeats the story of Dickens' seeking in marriage to Catrin Hogart which later became his wife and so on.
The theme of family was very important for the writer and thus we get acquainted with all kinds of families and relationships between their members in this novel. We find love and hatred, fortune and misfortune, happiness and unhappiness in marriages. In David Copperfield the reader becomes acquainted with more than 15 families: Mr.Copperfield and young Ms.Copperfield- father and mother of David, Mr.Murdstone (step-father of David) and Ms.Copperfield, Mr.Barkins and Peggoty, Ms.Trotwood, Mr.Micawber and Ms.Micawber, Traddles and Sophia, David and Dora and later David and Agnes. They are all very different and Dickens goes into careful description of relationships between their members.
What was the family ideal for Dickens? What was the opposite? What is the purpose of marriage? What is the true happiness in it? What are the components which make husband and wife spiritually close or the opposite - separate them? At a close look we can find answers to these and other questions in Charles Dicken’s masterpiece .

1.1. “Marriage is a case which give a unique opportunity to serve to another human being in a special way and as a result experience one’s human dignity to the highest degree”.
The first family that we meet in the novel – the family of David Copperfield (the senior) and Clara. Mr.Copperfield was twice older than his wife. From the dialogue of Betsy Trootwood and Ms.Coppperfield (the widow by that time) we can judge that despite of such age-difference they had never “a word of difference”(*1,p.11).Clara was 20 years old –gentle dainty creature, obviously not very practical in life. Still seems like the last feature didn’t bring misbalance to the family.
Whether because this marriage hasn’t last long since the death of Mr.Copperfield or