Families demand too much from their children

Mostly families demand too much from their children. Because nearly all parents love their children and try to give them their best love but the problem is, what if the children receive more love and attention from their families, the parents will live in more hope of them. The parents will not like to see their children make mistakes, because their children should be better than the others and they feel that their children should be a backbone of their country in the future. Most of the time, love may be painful for their children. As a parent, do you love your children? Do you have the same problem?

Families demand too much from their children indeed. Most of the time, parents will say “I hope my child will become a scentist or a Doctor of Computer” or something else. Then imagine what will happened. As they said, parents will force their children to do whatever they want. No one is born to play the piano or computer. No one born of a scientist. So the parents ignore their children’s interests and their children will become nothing as a result of their inconsideration. Their children could not be doing well they have to choose what they hate to do. Give them their own sky and space, children have to be themselves. Every child is different. Every child has his/her own position in the world. Let them do what they are interested in and give them the best advices.

Sometimes parents demand too much of their children, or may see a problem in everything their children do. They may burden their childern with too many responsibilities - an unfair number of chores, excess hours of taking care of younger siblings or a too rigorous schedule of after-school activities. When that happens, children may feel overwhelmed and resist taking on any responsibilities at all. Parents need to guard against this kind of overloading, while still making sure that their youngsters are assuming an appropriate level of responsibility. Children, of course, differ in the personal traits and temperament they bring to tasks. Some are simply not very persistent and drift away in the middle of chores. Others have difficulty getting organized. Still others have trouble shifting from one activity to another. Parents should have a good sense of your child's style, and shape their expectations accordingly.

Most parents will say "I love my child, and he/she knows it. So why is he/she disrespectful to me?" As I said before, sometimes parents’ love is blind. Firstly, there is a very important thing you may not know. It does not matter if you are a parent or a child, once you give, later you will strongly expect to receive surprises. Parents send their best love to their children. What do you think they want from their children. Now let’s think why is he/she disrespectful to his/her parents. Demand from parents will become a big pressure for their children. Parents will ignore their feeling inside and the rebelliousness in their mind, but the progress of their children. Parents should make sure love is love. Expect what is expect and not demand. We could say that families demand too much from their children, actually we could say that is the wrong way for parents to love their children. That is an expectation. Please, understand and respond to our children’s mischieves with loving guidance. Do not force them any more.

Some parents may think that their children should be something or perfect like their father or mother. Children should not make any mistakes similar to what their parents have done before. Children should do and think in the same way as his/her parents do now. I could say that is completely wrong. Let see a example from a famous novel 《Looking for Alibrandi》,John Barton is a very remarkable example, we see that his parents give him too much pressure, children cannot handle the pressure of what they have to live for. Thus, they take their own lives. Parents should wake up and have a look at what they are doing to their poor children.

Dear all parents in the world. You all love your children so