|Fallacies in Advertising |[pic] |

Our lives are inundated with images that are designed with one purpose in
mind - to sell. This is an opportunity to look critically at the
advertisements that surround us in order to deconstruct the logical
fallacies that fall under the guise of "marketing strategies". The purpose
of this assignment is to have students look critically at the media that
surrounds us and to examine the fallacies which make modern advertisements
so powerful.

Students will be given some class time to look at different advertisements
using a variety of media types however you are encouraged to examine ads
that you see regularly throughout a typical day. These can include:
subway/bus advertisements, radio ads, television commercials,
newspaper/magazine ads etc. You must recognize the target audience, the
types of fallacies that are being implemented and why they are so effective
in a chart form such as this:

|Advertisement|Slogan |Fallacy used |Target |Message/ |
| | | |Audience |Effectiveness|
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |

Attachments of the advertisements examined are appreciated but not
necessary. Students must recognize at least 3 different types of
fallacies that are used in advertisements today.

In addition you are required to write a short (2-3 pages, typed and double-
spaced) position paper on the logical fallacy that you feel is the most
widely used and the most effective. Try to address the following
. Who is the target audience? Would this fallacy be more effective on a
different target audience?
. What is the hidden message behind the advertisements? (eg. does it
target insecurities of weight, wealth, style etc.)
. What type of media does this fallacy dominate? (eg. purely t.v. ads or
is it also used on the radio, during political speeches, everyday
conversation etc.)
. If we accept logical fallacies so casually what does that say about
our society?

Due Date:

| |Level 4 |Level 3 |Level 2 |Level 1 |
|Understanding|Many (>5) |4-5 logical |3-4 logical |