Expression through Destruction


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A fight, graffiti, drugs, alcohol, fireworks, pranks; these things my friends and I have all done. I am not going to say I tried to express my humanity through all of my crimes. However, I can recall one instance where I was definitely trying to show my rebellion intentionally. Some people do outrageous things just for attention, I am not that way. I have always been true to myself. I have never spray painted a car, or egged a house because someone else was watching me. This brings me to a time where I felt like my friends and I were treated unjustly.

It was the last week of CCD, and I was beaming. CCD is a program for kids who do not attend catholic school, but still need religious instruction in order to receive the catholic sacraments. CCD is probably one of the most shabbily run programs I have ever been a part of. The teachers were all volunteers, however it seemed like they were pissed off to be teaching. All of the volunteers were under the jurisdiction of a nun. Sister Ann Bernadette portrayed evil in a religious figure like I have never seen before. She made my life and the lives of my friends a living hell every Tuesday afternoon. She even went as far as strangulating me in class because I was talking to my friend. It was finally over and I wanted to leave CCD in a way that Sister Ann would never forget. So I gathered all of my CCD materials, such as homework, text books, and a bible. I filled a garbage pale full of these materials and I added some fireworks to the mix. I planted the pale right in front of Sisterís door and set it to flames. I ran down the block and watched anarchy unfold. A fire truck eventually arrived and extinguished the flaming pale.

I was never apprehended for my deeds, but I am sure Sister knew it was me all along. I never felt remorse for my actions. All of the trouble Sister had to deal with was well deserved. When a person is treated unfairly, or unnaturally it is only human to retaliate. The longer a person deals with punishment, the worse their retaliation will be in the end.