Experiment #5

Lab Group 1a

NATS 1710

o The period in hours would be 1 hour and 45 minutes.
o Distance: 27.32 days X 24 hrs = 658.68 hours r 400,000 km to the moon. If the distance were 200,000 km, then the period would be 240 hours. The period is not half as long, but slightly more.
o Stationary satellite: The orbital period would be 24 hours because the satellite is above the equator. The stationary satellite should be 42,000 km; however, you should subtract the earth’s radius of 6371 km. Thus, 42,000 – 6371 = 35,629 km.
o Toronto stationary satellite: The difficulties with having a stationary satellite above Toronto are that the motion of the satellite moves according to the centre of the earth. The earth moves West to East and the satellite moves North to South. Therefore, they would rarely coss each other’s paths.
o a) The two planets the object would be between are Mars and Jupiter. b) The planet is Uranus.