Experiencing Cyberspace

If a survey were being done on how people experience cyberspace, one
would immediately notice that no two answers would be the same. Experiencing
cyberspace is something that is different for every individual. I myself
experience cyberspace psychologically, I experience it in my mind. There have
been many attempts at trying to define the abstruse term, but up to date, no one
has pinned the tail on the donkey. There cannot be one solid definition for a
word that possesses so many meanings. I personally associate the word
cyberspace with the idea of being able to travel to distant places without ever
leaving my chair. Obviously, I know that there is no possible way of visiting
different places or countries via my home computer, but in my mind, when I see
the location that I am connected to, it feel as though a part of me is there.
The best part is that I can switch from scenario to scenario without having to
travel any ground. I do not feel a sense of distance or location, except when it
takes a prolonged amount of time to connect to a host. When I travel from place
to place (site to site), I do not cover any known physical distances, but
instead I cover visual distance. Just as many people do, I refer to the places
that I visit as virtual worlds. I like calling them this because I never
actually get to see the reality of the "world". I only get to see it
electronically and digitally. The feeling that I experience while in cyberspace
is knowing that I possess the power to visit any where I want. When I click
one of the buttons on the mouse, or what I refer to as a transporter, I feel as
though all the power in the world rests at the end of my fingertips. I am in my
own sort of fantasy land. Once I land in a desired location, or website, I
have the opportunity to click on pictures and words that take me to new worlds.
These pictures and words have the power to make my virtual tour even more
pleasing by introducing me to new and exciting things. People have referred to
experiences in cyberspace, experiences such as mine, as a basic extension of the
mind. I definitely agree with this statement. I believe that it takes
imagination and creativity to experience all of the things that cyberspace has
to offer. With all the colors, strange text and mind-boggling graphics,
cyberspace is something that everyone must experience on their own. No two
people experience it in the same way and it takes practice to learn different
ways of experiencing all that it has to offer. I guess everyone must find
their own little ‘cyber-niche\'.

In today\'s technological oriented society, it is difficult for one to go
about their daily lives without interacting in some form or another with digital
components. Communication is the perfect example of how people interact with
digital technology. Talking to loved ones who live on the other side of the
globe, faxing a friend, or simply calling in sick to work, are all forms of
communication, but these examples are taken for granted. A popular form of
digital communication, whether people realize it or not, is the cellular phone.
Cellular phones have become very popular toys over the past few years and they
are 100% digital. For people who are constantly on the go, the "Cell Phone" is
a convenient digital advancement. I find the cellular phone to be of much help
in the stickier situations; like when I am being forced to change a flat tire in
-20o weather, when there\'s heavy traffic, when I want to find a quicker route
to where I\'m going, or when I get lost in an unfamiliar region. They are
relatively expensive to use, but in most cases, I would say that they are well
worth their price. I don\'t have five hour conversations using them, but I can
let people know what I want to tell them in a short amount of time, which I find
extremely handy. Before the ease of world-wide portable phones, there was a
different breed of digital communication devices: beepers. Beepers, or pagers
as they are commonly called, go hand in hand with cell phones. If a person does
not own a cellular phone, a pager is a great alternative. It is a piece of
digital equipment that allows the carrier to be notified when someone is trying
to get in touch with them. I find that