Evaluate one theory of how emotion may affect one cognitive process questionnaire

Student Name: _____________Lam Quoc Cuong_____________________________________________


1.Learning Outcome:
Evaluate one theory of how emotion may affect one cognitive process

2. Description of Activity:
First and foremost, all participants will receive a paper with several questions (6 questions) about the beginning of when Michael Jackson met his demise. Then all participants had to memorize their own situation when they were on that day and they will debrief. One thing that they could not use any electronic devices or asking someone next to them for assistance

3. Discussion of Results from Activity:

The results have shown that it was not reliable and accurate at all since several participants didn't actually remember when Michael Jackson actually passed away and who is he.
Besides, there were some answers of the result were possibly fake
Some participants didn't remember what were happening during that day because it showed that they were too small to realize.

4. Description of Theory:

With the flashbulb memory, it is considered to be accurate and vivid whenever a person hears about the shocking event, Michael Jackson's demise was one of the typical examples. Flashbulb is sometimes regarded as a photograph, it can be memorized and reviewed because of the vital of a specific event.

5. Evaluation of Findings:

The results indicated that it was unclear of the levels of shocking from the participants toward Michael Jackson demise. The results are not really accurate since some participants intended to give false information to the questions, so it is considered that researcher must manipulate carefully about socializing skills toward every participant.