European Change

Essay #1

15 February 2004

Before the Middle Ages began, Europe stood as one of the lesser-developed countries. By the end of the “High Middle Ages,” Europe had surpassed its rivals with the advancement of its society. Europe’s rapid growth between 1050 and 1300 brought about the change in power of their nation.

With the end of foreign invasions Europe was given the chance to concentrate on the development of their economy. The economy grew to a much larger stature allowing the intellect of society to increase. The population growth allowed Europe to expand to more northern regions than the Mediterranean. This didn’t take place before because the resources to cultivate the land into something that would work in their benefit were not readily available. But with the new development of the country these resources were much easier to grasp. Due to increase of wealth in the society many technological devices could be afforded. With the expansion of the population, to more northern regions came the invention of the heavy plow due to the rich soils. In the southern regions the scratch plow was of better use due to the light soils. The advances made in the way of technology gave European society a happier outlook on life, it let them see that life didn’t have to and no longer would be so hard. This optimistic outlook gave Europeans the chance to be daring and to take more risks thus taking them ahead of their rivals.

Religious developments that took place in the High Middle Ages forced Europe to set up a stronger standard of practice in the community of the Church. Religion was a big part of society in the High Middle Ages that they made it into something that was strong and powerful. The Church was uplifted from shambles to something greater than before. With its reform of the clergy the Church became an organization with such order that could not be broken. The enhancement of religion promoted communication internationally and set up a uniform practice of religion. Though there were faults in the Church, Europeans did not pay much attention to them because the thought of a international impact was beneficial to them. Religion back then was a basis of their society as a whole and the standard of religion that they started back then still lives today.

Europe’s advances led them to the forefront of the standings of other countries back then and set standards that people still live by today. The society stood strong due to its growth in its economy and religion. The increase in technological developments pushed Europe to new means of developing their agriculture and increasing their way of life. Though religion existed prior to Europe’s advancement, they shaped it into something that could progress their society and still benefits society today. The nation’s power was increased by their advancement in all aspects of living.