Eulogy of Jacob Bennett

We have gathered here on this tragic day to pay our last respects to our friend and my son Jacob Bennett. He past away at 5:00 on November 4, of 2003. His death is especially sad as he was only 5 years old. Jacob was born on October 21, 1998. He was in the kindergarten, and like most children, dreamed of one day being an astronaut. He was well mannered and wise before his age. The many inventions we watched him create while in his imaginary world were remarkable. We knew that he would grow up to be an astronaut, and maybe even solve the mysteries of space. Never was he in trouble for miss behaving, nor did he ever cringe or complain when he had home work. He accepted every challenge before him. He enjoyed his campouts in the front yard with his friends. The many marshmallows and hotdogs ate by that rustic fire is something ill never forget. The ghost stories they would tell to try to scare each other. They would act brave until they herd a dog bark then they would run for the house. But after one night we noticed that little Jacob was acting different.

After one of his camp outs he seemed scared. We didnít think anything about it; we just guessed that it was a bad dream that scared him. He seemed to be tormented by something; he would never speak of it but would only say that it was always there. We dismissed the idea of anything serious being wrong. As the months went by an apparent change was seen in him, always restless. His sleepless nights worried us. Soon after it seemed as thought he was always somewhere else, like he was stuck in a day dream. We feared that he was having mental problems; he would always claim to see things, and hear voices which we never did. At time he would rant about things which we could never make sense of. We finally sought professional help but after a mental examination the said that Jacob merely had an overactive imagination. His mother and I were torn to pieces, seeing our son suffering from something, and there was nothing we could do about it. He would say that he wished that he could just go to sleep, and when he woke, that of his troubles would be over.

We watched him change into someone else, so torment by something we never knew. Then on that tragic day we found him sitting in his room curled up in a ball. There was no sign of anything which could have taken his life. No cuts or busies, nothing that we could see. We truly believe that he was so tormented that he quit fighting. A tragic loss, we didnít know what was bothering him, and now we donít know what took him away from us. We only pray than in death he finds the peace he could in life. I love you son. May the lord look after you.