Ethan Whitmarsh 9/22/16 2 nd hour. Shawshank comparisons

Red is speaking to the parole board as he discusses the term "rehabilitated," not the reader.
It puts more emphasis and meaning into the word rehabilitated.
It shows they don't really care if you have been "rehabilitated" the really only try and punish you.
It makes the bad guy look good and the ‘good guys" look bad.
Having red speak to the parole board about rehabilitation is a major key in the ending of this story. It shows the difference from right and wrong. We as a reader can see it being portrayed from another person and not just as words on a paper. Red shows you the passion and emotion he has behind this word. He knows they promote the goal of prison to become rehabilitated, but he also knows it's a bunch of crap. I agree with how this was in the book and I don't think it would've had as heartfelt of an ending without it.
Andy plays opera music over the PA
It was something meaningful to Andy
It also gave a reaction to all the other prisoners
You could tell it was one of Andy's wills to do so
Even though they had no idea what the woman was singing about they could tell from the passion in the song it was something great.
Andy certainly was not a coward. He was a brave man when it came to things he wanted to do. Maybe even going as far to locking a guard in the bathroom so he could blast opera music over the pa. I felt this was a very special moment in the book even though it didn't seem like much. It was like Andy knew that playing that music would reach out instantly to all the other prisoners. They stood in awe as it blared through the loud speaker and absorbed every second of it in. They couldn't even understand what she was singing about but yet they knew it was something beautiful because of the passion and love put into the song.
Tommy is murdered
This was a big change from the book to the movie, very unexpected but in reality it wasn't necessary after all to keep him in the movie.
It gave a bigger hint to Andy's escape in my opinion
The way it happened was confusing but it did give a great sense of who the warden really was and what he was capable of.
Tommy being murdered takes you for a whole new twist and it was hard to understand why they did it. Once you figure out Andy's escape route it becomes more clear on why they didn't need him. The only thing that throws me off is I didn't think of Tommy and Andy being close to the point of Tommy dying because he wasn't afraid to stick up for Andy. I felt it was a bad way because Tommy didn't know how much the warden really needed Andy and I feel if he did the story would have gone differently. As a standpoint to make the warden look more intense and willing to do anything it definitely worked.

Andy provides incriminating information to the newspaper about warden Norton.
This is where Andy really takes the win and defeats Warden.
It's such a great scene because of how poorly Andy got treated by Norton.
I looked at it as Andy giving back to Shawshank and helping the other prisoners out a little bit.
And I know he was thinking of the quote warden had hanging in his office.
After all the months of solitary and being bossed around for no good reason, Andy finally got some pay back. There was a quote hanging in the office of Warden Norton that had something to do with things catching up to you. After all that time small things lead to Andy's escape and that fully screwed over Warden Norton . He went on to shoot himself but only because he knew he couldn't handle where he once controlled.