Ethan Whitmarsh 9/15/16 Chapter 1 review

Name seven hazards that are found in the welding shop
Open toed shoes
Cords on the ground
Unprotected face
Flammable clothes
What is the name of the most complete safety documents available for the field of welding? Safety in welding, cutting, and allied processes

What is the recommended filter shade number that should be used in the welding helmet when performing gas tungsten arc welding with an arc current less than 50 amps? 10

Welding helmet s protect the eyes and face from arc rays, weld sparks, and weld spatter that directly hit the helmet. What should be worn in addition to a welding helmet to protect against slag chips, grinding fragments, and other hazards, such as wire wheel bristles? Welding gloves, safety glasses under welding helmet, close toed shoes and proper clothing.

What is the name of the potential hazard that results from looking at a welding arc without eye protection? What should be done if a welder experiences this hazard?
Eye burns, cataracts, and retinal burning. It should be reported immediately and straight to the eye washer.
Name 3 dangerous chemical elements that pose a repertory health threat.

Sulfur dioxide
True or false? The negative-pressure air -purifying respirator delivers a constant flow of clean breathing air to the welders through a hose.
Oxygen cylinder's must be separated from fuel gas cylinders by a minimum distance of ___ 1/8in _____.
When comprised gas cylinders, are in storage what important safety feature must be securely in place on top of the cylinder? Pressure release valves.
Name 3 precasuions that must be taken to avoid an electrical shock.
Staying dry
Wearing proper clothing and equipment
Check for any frayed or dull wires
When combustible material cannot be kept at least 35ft away from a welding area, a __ fire watcher ____ is required .