Ethan Whitmarsh 12/19/16 hour.8 Agricultural extension service

You may not often think of your small engine tools that sit in the garage once it's winter time. After priming and tuning up your snow blower or plow truck, take a little time to do some simple yet effective procedures to make your small engine tools long lasting. Starting off with an oil change can do a lot and prevent build up around the cylinder and pistons. Make sure all the excess oil is drained before you put in the fresh oil. Check the air filter if you don't the engine could start running rich and restrict air flow. Make sure to use the same type of oil as you used for the crankcase, also check the spark plug to assure it is not fouled. Be sure that freshened gas gets into the carburetor. If you leave old gas in the tank and sitting around the carburetor you're probably going to have replace. Just simply cleaning up around the surface area and cleaning the tool is a good thing to prevent rust and any chemical build ups. Putting a tarp or protective covering will also help as a lot of the time the temperature drops below 32 and engines are air cooled. A lot of things take a little time and simplicity just like keeping up your small engine products.