Ethan Whitmarsh 1/11/17 hour.8 Alternative fuel

As we produce new alternative fuels and use different types each day I would like to explain how Ethanol works and is made. Ethanol is alcohol-based alternative fuel that is made by fermenting and distilling farm crops such as wheat, barley, and corn. The question always occurs on why Ethanol isn't taking off more than it should, so let me explain. First off, ethanol has a much shorter tank life than gasoline does. Also it is very water absorbent and that makes it difficult to ship through pipelines. There aren't many locations across the U.S that supply ethanol and a lot of that reasoning stems from its difficult ability to be shipped and transported. Wisconsin is one of 6 states that hold Ethanol fueling stations and produce it. It will become a lot bigger once technology gets better and we improve ways of transferring it. It's a helpful fuel and improves engines and gas mileage. Also helps as a fuel cleaner but is more expensive. Once we start improving factories and building more stations it will become cheaper. I feel alternative fuels in general will start blossoming more and more. We are improving a lot of cars, a lot of small engine machines, and farm machines, along with boats and a lot more that need these alternative fuels. Wisconsin uses a lot of farm tractors and machines and also has beautiful waters with a lot of boats on it, we will benefit and produce a lot more alternative fuel as the years go on.