Ethan Whitmarsh
Plastic surgery is improving the function or appearance of parts of the body through reconstructive or cosmetic medical procedures, simply as of choice or also performed for injured, lost, diseased, or defective area of the body.
Over the past 15 years, the number of cosmetic procedures has increased by 197%.
From 2.1 million procedures performed in 1997 to 9.2 million procedures performed in 2011
Surgical procedures increased by 73% , non-surgical procedures increased by 356%
Nearly 10 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2011
Different types of procedures include…
Injectable procedures
Skin Rejuvenation procedures
Nonsurgical procedures
Botulinum Toxin Type A - used to treat severe spasms in neck muscles, muscle spasms in the arms and hands, and severe underarm sweating.
Hyaluronic acid
Laser hair removal
IPL laser treatment
Surgical procedures
Breast augmentation
Eyelid surgery
Breast lift
6.2 billion dollars was reportedly spent on surgical procedures.
1.7 billion was spent on injectable procedures.
1.6 billion was spent on skin rejuvenation procedures.
360 million was spent on non-surgical procedures.
This was all spent and recorded near the year of 2011.
Cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by insurance.
Reconstructive surgery is usually covered by your insurance provider.
The difference is that reconstructive surgery actually improves a diseased, infected, or injured part of the body but also could approximate for a normal look.
It is important to keep a healthy diet and maintain physical shape even long after plastic surgery because results do not last forever.

If a doctor does not explain the risks, or not admit that there are any you should seek another option

The risks are just like most risks in any surgery which can be crucial but you should also trust your doctor and be able to speak openly about it with him.
Plastic surgery is made up of a team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons with tremendous experience in all varieties of cosmetic surgery.
Doctors take time with patients to listen to any concerns and learn about your goals so they can help you decide the most effective and appropriate procedure for your needs.
Doctors offer various payment plans and financial plans, these go from 12 months to 5 years and even some are interest free.
Another interesting fact on plastic surgery is that it was first performed on the dead.
The people of Egypt believed that you would look the same in the afterlife as you did in the life you just passed away from.
So they performed the surgery on the dead to mainly important people to structure there face to look as what they did before.
The most common techniques used were the insertion of bones, seeds, and bandages into a person's nose, cheeks, or stomach.
Tummy tucks can cost anywhere from 5,000 dollars to 8,000 dollars.
Rhinoplasty can cost 4,000 or more
Facelifts which seem like the quickest cheaper procedure turns out to be one of the most expensive.
Facelifts can cost 6,500, and that's one of the cheaper ones…
A lot of actors, athletes, old famous people spend 12,000+ on top doctor procedures.
about 46% of patients come in without research on the doctor or facility the procedures are performed before they go in.
this leads to a lot of correctional work and that also comes from out of pocket expenses.
Correctional services can sometimes cost more than the actual procedure itself.
Selfie was the Oxford word of the year in 2013 and ever since then it has become a pretty normal part of society.
Social media is causing plastic surgery procedures and demand to rise a lot.
14% of all patients have BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)
A disorder in which a person is fixated with a flaw in their appearance, which is often very minor or not real
The production of plastic surgery in china is thriving.
The changes Asians can make are subtle and small.
Doctors aren't taking off much fat on their eyelids or making their nose to pointy to retain their culture.
One of the most popular procedures is double eyelid surgery.

The graph shows that the age demographic that plastic surgery attracts