Essay: Television

English 106.1

October 12, 2003

There have been many events that have happened in society to prove that television has a drastic effect on young children.

children know that they are following what they see on television that they do copy and portray the images they see. Think of all of the negative images children see on television they act upon because they think it is all right to do so.

This tragedy shows that television programs have influences on the minds of children. Even teachers are seeing this ripple effect of television effecting students in school as well as at home.

Television provides children with a powerful set of standards for behaviors. The child audience is uniquely vulnerable to televised presentations, particularly those in programming directed at children. What children see on television can lead to the learning and performance of similar social behaviors. The role television plays in the development of a child had been one of the most extensively examined areas of mass communication research. Although the effects of specific media content on the child viewer are complex, recent research has provided evidence of a casual relationship between children’s perceptions and exposure to television programs.

There is no way to shut off television as a whole. Televisions will always be around it is part of our culture and it is too big of a moneymaker for television programs to stop. Let’s face it the only true way for television to not effect our kids is plain and simple.