Essay #1: Social Responsibility

Businesses have many different responsibilities. One of the most important is social responsibility. There are a few types of social responsibility, corporate philanthropy which includes charitable donations, corporate responsibility which includes everything from hiring minorities to making safe products. Lastly, corporate policy which refers to the position a firm takes on social and political issues. Businesses also have a responsibility to customers, investors, employees and society. A company that I believe fills most of these categories and acts in a responsible manner is McDonald’s.

McDonalds being the #1 fast-food company in the world in sales, I believe takes the social responsibility role seriously(Hill). The McDonald’s corporation demonstrates their social responsibility in several ways. For corporate philanthropy McDonalds founded the Ronald McDonald Houses which houses families whose critically ill children require treatments away from home(Nickels&McHugh). For corporate responsibilities they are open to hiring a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds, including minorities. They are also open to hiring those who may have other medical problems. They do not discriminate any person who applies for the job everyone has an equal opportunity.

One of the responsibilities of businesses is their responsibility to customers by offering them services which will hopefully make repeating customers. One of the businesses main goal is to please their customers which McDonalds have done because they continue to be the #1 fast food restaurant in the world. Customers choose to do businesses with they trust and are responsible. A business is also responsible for the well being of their employees. McDonald’s offers a job to many individuals and treat them fair and with respect. They pay the workers at least minimum wage with chances of moving up to manager if proper qualifications are met. In 2002 they had approximately 413,000 employees(Hill). Businesses also have a responsibility to society to create wealth. In 2003 McDonald’s made $17140.50 million dollars in sales(Hill).

McDonalds has done many things to promote the societies well being. They are involved in many different charitable programs dedicated to helping the less fortunate. They are well known throughout the world in providing good services. They have good marketing skills that make the golden arches one of the top well known symbols. They provide services and produce happy customers in 120 countries(Hill). McDonalds has helped many individuals whether offering employment, helping people through their charity work, or just providing a good meal.

The company has acted in a responsible manner, but every company is not perfect. There are always some incident that happens, but it does not have seemed to have hurt to companies profit in any way because McDonalds continues to be #1. The business have grown to different countires and continues to be the main competition for other companies. They still have to provide special and marketing techmiques that keep customers coming to their restaurant, whether it is the special toy in the happy meal or the special on cheeseburgers they keep a happy line of customers. McDonalds Corporation is also a BSR member (Business for Social Responsibility) which proves they are dedicated to providing good services to people.

Businesses that have been around for a long time and have earned a good reputation can look forward to a good future because they have already convinced society they are a responsible company. McDonald’s is still dedicated to their customers and making them happy as well as their employees. They can only keep their company reputable and keep pleasing others so they continue to be the #1 fast food company for many years to come.

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