English Speech

Good morning, my fellow students and ____.

I would now like to present two poems to you all, a war poem named weapons training and a love poem called Sonnet 18.

Weapon training was authored by Bruce Dawe and it’s a poem about a monologue the crude sergeant made to his new recruits during the period of Vietnam war.His speech give the recruit an ideas of what they are facing and the consequences they might suffer if they don’t listen to authority. His monologue contains sexual reference (eg.women’s tit, crown jewels),which shows that he is just a normal man and like to make a few jokes sometimes,he also use malicious offensive terms such example will be “unsightfuly fat between your elephant ears”.by saying this the recruit will sure to concertrate their attention on him,because they won’t like to be picked on.He also uses recist terms to dehumanises the enemy and therefore the recruits will feel more comfort of killing them.

The cultural context that have helped to shape the poem’s idea is the war that they were facing.

Sonnet 18 was penned by William Shakespear,it is a love poem written about the beautiful appearance of a young man. the author comparing the Young man to the sun in the sky.he also listed a few points where the young man is even superior then the sun.he used the technique of metaphor.such example include “goes behind,shake”.those words give the sun human quality which makes the poem more interesting to read.the cultural context that may have helped to shape the poem’s ideas is the country and the time he is in.