Englis Exemplification

The problem is not with the machine: it is with the man who
allows himself to become mechanical. People work on machines all day
long. Many of these people have worked on a single machine for some
years. The longer the people have worked on a single machine, the more
they become adept in the use of the machine. When the time comes for a
more advanced machine to be installed, such as a computer, the worker
may not be able to cope with the massive change. The computer is an
example of a new machine that has created new jobs while driving out
workers who were either unwilling or unable to deal with the new
technology. Computers have drastically changed many of the jobs on the
market. Twenty years ago you could leave high school and become a car
mechanic without any knowledge of computers, but now you must have a
college degree to do any car work. The workers need to be able to
change and adapt to the new technology they are confronted with. What
would have happened if the early sailors would not have learned how to
use a steam engine? Airplane pilots had to learn how to fly with jet
engines instead of propellers. Navigation, engine control, oil pressure,
and various other components of the vehicle rely on the computer.
Workers can become so mechanical in their job process that they could do
it with their eyes closed, and have actually become a machine themselves.
As technology increases at a rapid pace, workers will not be able to
become mechanical machines at a job.

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