Employee morale

NON-TRADITIONAL WORKING HOURS IMPROVE EMPLOYEE MORALE & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Prepared for Mr. Robert Pigg, President Lakedale Manufacturing 1 Desert Storm Drive Niceville, FL 33870 Prepared by Human Resource Department Lakedale Manufacturing 320 Ardennes Street Arabia, NC 28357 Lakedale Manufacturing Human Resource Department 320 Ardennes Street Arabia, NC 28357 Mr. Robert Pigg, President Lakedale Manufacturing 1 Desert Storm Drive Niceville, FL 33870 Dear Mr. Pigg: Here is the report on the productivity and morale study concerning working hours you asked us to conduct. As you will see we have made recommendations to support the benefits of flexibility in working hours which will increase productivity and morale in the work place. This office is confident you will see the benefits in flexible working hours at the Lakedale Manufacturing Plant in North Carolina. We really appreciate the opportunity you have given this office to conduct a study of this magnitude. If you need additional information concerning this report or in implementing our recommendations, please call us. Sincerely yours, Gary Gobble Chief, Human Resources Department Laws and Regulations Policies and Procedures When it comes to laws and regulations, we must keep in mind that the relationship between an employee and the organization is a contractual one. The employee and the organization must agree on the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship. This agreement is made at the time the employee is hired for a certain position. Any change or modification to the original agreement must be agreed upon by both the employee and the organization. The laws and regulations that govern the contractual relationship come from several different sources and place constraints on the relationship. They may be statutory federal laws or state and local laws that supplement those found at the federal level. The constraints placed on the relationship are necessary. They seek to ensure a balance of power in the relationship as well as provide specific protections to both the employee and the organization. Up to this point Lakedale Manufacturing is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. At this time the only legislation to mandate rights to alternative working time options is the Federal Part-Time Career Employment Act of 1978. This act made reduced-time options available to all federal employees from GS-1 to GS-15. It guarantees their continued access to promotion opportunities, proportional salaries and prorated benefits. Since there are no federal, state or local laws and regulations governing private industry on non traditional work schedules, Lakedale Manufacturing is in no way prohibited from introducing non traditional work schedules. However, each employee that chooses the new schedule must renegotiate their contractual relationship with the company. New terms and conditions must be agreed upon by both the employee and the organization as stated previously. Before renegotiation of contracts and the implementation of a non traditional work schedule it is recommended that the current policies manual be modified, and replaced with a more family oriented, a more family friendly policies manual. New policies will ease the employees\' conflicts between work and non work. They will also enhance employee loyalty as well as the organizations. Some questions that require answers in order for the policies to be modified. 1. How are the tasks and responsibilities going to be shared? 2. How are the schedules going to be developed? 3. How do the team members communicate? 4. How are the salaries and the benefits be apportioned? In dividing tasks and responsibilities major and minor responsibilities must be differentiated. Major responsibilities should be divided so that the work is equalized in difficulty, complexity, responsibility, and independence. Minor responsibilities can be divided according to individual preference. All team members must take initiative so that no one constantly feels like the follower or the leader. Some imbalance is probably unavoidable so there must be a trade off. A good communication system must be in place for the team concept to work. Open, honest and detailed communication is critical and it must take place on both the interpersonal and professional levels. In addition to a regular information exchange about daily tasks, the interpersonal communication between team members is very important. It creates the core from which mutual support and trust grow. The development in the beginning may be slow, difficult and frustrating, but the