Embarisment ?

Have you ever made a fool of yourself in publick ?Well here are some people who have see if you have been in the same situasion as them !

John from Ficksburg had some trouble understanding his Maths test, so when the test said donít use tables he took his book and wrote on his lap ! Has that ever happend to you ?
Loraine from Johannesburg had trouble getting to a bathroom , she couldín keep her pee in longer and asked her mother if she please could go to the bathroom but unfortunatly she couldnít hold much longer an peed right there on the floor (poor kid).

These are just two of thousands of other embarising moments.

These are the ratings I gave to the stories:

John = **

(**=go to an other state and change your name, ***=never show your face to the world again)

I hope that this has never happend to any of you out there because if it has remember there are other people who has it worst of than you .
Enjoy Your Live

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