Eighteen vs Twelve-One

Eight-Teen is a big age. Your able to smoke, you can move out of your house, and you can go to war. But

you still arent allowed to drink or gamble. I believe along with many others that at 18 you should be able to drink and

gamble if you are able to go off to war.

18 alot of kids look foward to that age but most of them look foward to 21 beucase they can drink and gamble. i

think that if they dont lower the drinking age to 18 unsted of 21 they should move the war age limit and smoking age up

to 21. Because the government thinks that people are resoponsable at 21 but its only a three years from 18. But the

government thinks at 18 that the kids are old enough to hold a gun and shot other people probley killing them but not

mature enough to drink or gamble.

I stand strong on this issue and believe it should be changed because if you are mature enough to go to war and

kill people your mature enough to do what you want with your money and mature enough to drink. Sure drink can make

you do dumb things but going to war can currupt your mind and make you do bad things when you come back.

Gambleing can also ruin your life just like war.

If there is a war when i turn 18 i hope by then the government gets it in there mind that the drinking ag and

gambleing age should be 18. Because i would love to be able to play a hand of black jack or carribean poker in a

casino before I die. Because if i get sent of to war i could die.