. “I used to sit with my family ,and shut myself off the noise the kids made around ,and keep reading till the sunset without feeling any thing around me.” These few words from Marie Qurie‘s diary signifies the importance of reading in guiding those scientists and achievers all their life. Nowadays, the situation is different. Many people are concerned about the future of this generation, who shows no desire or attachment towards reading. Many opinions where said, and several researches were conducted, in order to fetch the reasons behind this phenomenon, and the steps to be taken in order to weed it out.

To be more precise, one should consider the causes for the decline in interest of reading among the population in Egypt, as a local and individual matter apart from the international medium. This is due to the complexity of the Egyptian population can be divided into three educational categories ; which are illiterate , literate , literate and able to think people. The first group, thanks to the basic reading and writing skills that they might not even have, will never be interested in reading because it means for them nothing but strange inscriptions and drawings. The second group, which is unfortunately the majority, has basic and even advanced reading and writing skills. This group will show a slight attraction to reading but not more than newspapers and light books or articles. This is due to the system they have been educated to read. Reading for them is only a method of memorizing and storing information to be used in answering someone’s questions or queries, which does not satisfy their curiosity about inner questions, and does not involve their mind in analyzing the surrounding environment and situations. Finally, the third group includes those who are able to read, analyze, and change and adapt to what they learn; this group is rarely found, they are only those who are able to escape from the system, and formulate a system of their own. This group is the only group who will be enthusiastic about reading. Back to group two, being the majority, they limit the whole population -they act as the limiting factor- because the do not pursue others to read and they spread the attitude of the less importance of reading. Obviously, the factors affecting the reading population in Egypt are very different from those abroad, which are the technological advance and the diversion to other methods of information gaining.

Many efforts , have been made in order to improve the reading skills in Egypt both from the government and international institutes. Even if it showed some improvements , it failed to deliver its message ; due to failure in detecting where the real problem lies. So it appeared to be too much efforts but in the wrong direction. The solution lies simply in changing the Egyptian educational system but indirectly changing the Egyptian political environment which is a very difficult task or almost impossible. But some suggestions or assumptions of the changes that must be made may help in formulating views towards encouraging the Egyptian population to read.