Edgar Allan Poe

o He had a troubled life, was 2 years old when mother/father died
o Taken in by relative and step father wasn’t good to him
o He came back to U.S and had a job as a critic
o Went to army and went to University of Virginia
o Expelled from both cause of smoking/drinking problems
o Married at a young age to Virginia Clemm (his cousin)
o She died at a young age
o Poe never got over the feeling of sorrow
o Wrote in a romantic manner, he put all his emotions in a pessimistic romanticism
o Very realistic, also written a novel and a play
o Founder of Gothic Stories – strange, horrifying, terrifying romantic
o He used Stream of Consciousness (developed plot with man characters ideas, feelings, and thoughts)
o He died of a stroke in a Baltimore hospital after a party.
o Every year a person would put a bottle of wine and a rose on his grave