Drinking Speech

1. Should I or Could I be drunk right now?

2. In my opinion the drinking age should be 21 of 18.

I.18 year olds can vote but can’t drink

II. 18 years olds can die for their country but can’t drink

III. 18 year olds can be tried as adults but can’t drink.

Transition Statement: So Why can’t we have a cold beer?

I. We can vote but can’t drink.

A. We can chose who we want to run the country, but can’t drink.

B. We are allowed to chose our politicians , but can’t have a beer.

Transition Statement: We can also fight for our country

II. We can fight for our independence, but can’t drink in a local bar.

A. We can fight for the army , but can’t drink

B. We can even die for our country but can’t drink

Transition Statement: We may also be tried as adults in the court of law

III. We can be tried as adults

A. If we convict a felony , we can be tried as adults

B. Wecan be punished to the full extent of the law as an adult

Transition Statement: which brings us to our conclusion

1. We are treated as adults in many ways.

2. We are treated as adults in many ways with the exception that we can’t drink in a bar....