Drink and drive

Problem-Solution Essay

Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally

preventable. Unfortunately, over twenty percent of all traffic fatalities in the United

States each year are caused by drunk drivers. Drunk driving remains a serious

national problem that tragically affects thousands of victims annually. It\'s easy to

forget that dry statistics represent real people and real lives.

Most drivers who have had something to drink have low blood alcohol

content or concentration (BAC) and few are involved in fatal crashes. On the

other hand, while only a few drivers have BACs higher than .15, many of those

drivers have fatal crashes.

Drunk driving, like most other social problems, resists simple solutions.

However, there are a number of actions, each of which can contribute toward a

reduction of the problem:

o Automatic license revocation appears to be the single most effective measure to reduce drunk driving. Not only is license revocation effective, but we should remember that driving is a privilege, not a right. Just as we do not license those who lack eyesight, we should not hesitate to revoke the licenses of those who lack the good judgment not to drive drunk.
o Automatic license revocation along with a mandatory jail sentence appears to be even more effective than just automatic license revocation.
o Passing mandatory alcohol and drug testing in fatal crashes would promote successful prosecution of drunk and drugged drivers.
The problem is been there, and we can’t say that we will get rid of it, but

we must try to prevent it as much as we can. In the 1920’s there was a Law of

Prohibition, which banned the use of alcohol. Well, we came to find out that

people was still consuming, secret bars and gangs like the one head by Al

Capone were part of the show.

Age-specific alcohol prohibition of persons under the age of 21 enjoys

wide public support in the U. S., as does the policy of zero tolerance. Is zero

tolerance effective?.

There is no evidence that "zero tolerance" is an effective deterrent to

alcohol abuse. It is no more successful than were the scare tactics of early drug

education and is almost certainly counter-productive.

As life goes on, we get more use to problems like this and at some point a

lot of people don’t really care. Well, we all know that is not a problem that you

can solve yourself, the best thing we could do for future generations is get better

education for our children.